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The Human Body has pretty simple Eating and Exercise needs to function optimally. Yet in the past 60 years or so we have complicated food and workouts to the point of confusing everyone and in the process created a public health epidemic. Opinions have taken over and the facts ignored.
I created this site to relay information that is not recognized in most circles; to share the science and dispel myths. It will arm you with the proper information to help you lose weight, build muscle, eliminate common conditions, pain, and disease, gain more energy,
acquire a lean body,
and age gracefully. All this while making it extremely simple to implement into your daily routine.


I wake up every day thinking this is a great time to live in, right? Information at your fingertips, traveling around the globe is easy, and big cities with lots of choices. BUT let’s face it, the human body inhabiting the earth at this time is in bleak shape. The world population is getting more unhealthy by the year, exercising less, heavier by the day, spending more time at their doctor’s office, and taking pharmaceuticals by the handful. It is a sad state of affairs. All of our advances in the last 150y and we are sicker than ever. Our increased ability to think, produce, create, and the dizzying array of products and choices available to us has pushed us further and further away from what our bodies are genetically and Biologically designed to eat. Why is this and how do we solve this?

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“Mastery is not a final level of achievement. It is a process of life-long learning that enhances awareness, perspective, and skill.”

   –Tom Purvis


“Innovators create value that people didn’t know existed.”

– Robert Herjavec


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”- Albert Einstein


“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”- Samuel Adams


‘To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.’ - Wilson Mizner








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Changing the Way You Think


I wrote the first Newsletter of 2016 based on what I hear from Clients at our Facility. Comments, questions, concerns, past injuries, kids who can't lose weight, husbands who refuse to get the drift. Not surprisingly, the same things come from all clients across the board:

- How much Cardio do I need to do?

- What do you eat?

- My Son's back keeps getting hurt doing Crossfit

- I need to lose 30 pounds by April

People come to Fitness Alliance for answers. Almost all of the people who walk through our door have engaged in some type of exercise in the past or a diet of some sort, only to be disappointed or without results. And, the majority are referrals which is a huge compliment to us. What we do different is fourfold:

1) It's not about the exercise: squat-crunch-press, but about your capabilities, limitations, individual makeup, and goals. Or as we discuss from an RTS perspective: Who, Goals, Have, Own, Tolerate. While other facilities and personal trainers are busy cranking out numbers and beating people up, the professionals at Fitness Alliance are consultants aiming to achieve your goals, safely & effectively.

2) Dispel myths pumped out by the media, health magazines, food companies, and most medical people. 90% of what they are saying is unequivocally wrong as the current state of health validates. The 'eat yogurt, whole grains, fat is bad' rap has run its course and misleading the public.

3) We network with the other professionals under our roof to find the best and most appropriate solution for you. Whether it's our Physical Therapy Clinic, Chiropractors, MAT Practitioners, Massage, or a Pilates Class, we have it.

4) We actually teach and explain to you what you're doing and why. As stated above, the majority of the Fitness Industry just runs you through the motions, most of the time leaving you hurt or accelerating overuse injuries. Wouldn't it be great if you could go on vacation and put a workout together for yourself? Or, still reach for a coffee cup or get off of the toilet when you're 85 without pain? We see exercise and good eating habits as a lifestyle and lifelong endeavor. Our goal is to instruct you on how to achieve a lean and optimally functioning body and see you age gracefully.

Stop by to chat about it more or send us a referral or two.

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When It Comes To Working Out More Isn't Better

The Facts Behind Doing Too Much Too Often

Exercise has always been plagued with the thought that working out harder is better. No Pain, No Gain! …Right? In fact, most people who do engage in exercise think that that unless your heart is pounding through your chest there’s a puddle of sweat on the floor, and you’re muscles are sore the next day, it falls short of a good workout. In fact, this attitude has now transferred to the popping up of specialty fitness clubs offering single-modality, al la carte, fitness classes. These small, corner gyms are offering everything you can think of to get you moving, in and out quickly, pay less, and, of course, all touting that they have the newest and best workout in town.


There are Crossfit, Rowing, Spinning, and Boxing Clubs, Bootcamps, and even old school Aerobic places, all serving the same menu of maximum effort: more, faster, higher, hitting it hard, and basically beating you up.


The truth is, this is a less effective way to workout and the likelihood of you getting injured is markedly increased. Statistics and research have shown that most people do report getting injured by exclusively engaging in this kind of training due to the fact that form and function are compromised in lieu of movement, (get it from point A to B with any means possible), too much weight or reps, and a ‘Just Do It’ mantra.


In addition, these facilities are generally staffed with coaches or instructors with little or no knowledge of the human body or joint mechanics, and the forces involved. How would you like a bicycle repairman working on your car? (nothing against bicycle repairmen)


More importantly, and the real deal folks is deeper than that and it involves your Physiology. That’s right, this ‘More is Better’ type of working out is doing more harm than you think under the surface by raising your cortisol levels, increasing oxidative damage and systemic inflammation, depressing your immune system and decreasing fat metabolism.


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