My goal is to share significant information about exercise, food, and health, making sound recommendations that enable people to make the right choices amidst the dizzying array misinformation to ultimately improve their quality of life. -BL

I am originally from Calgary, Canada and earned my degree at Concordia University in Montreal. From 1990-1996, I toured as a professional musician, playing lead trumpet on cruise ships around the world, various road tours, and with Andy Williams in Branson. I can honestly say I had the time of my life playing most of the shows I did, even though it seems like a lifetime ago! While still a musician, I began my studies of the Sciences: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Cadaver Anatomy, Orthopedic Medicine, and Physiology, moving toward Biomechanics, Physics, Exercise Mechanics, Neurology, Natural Medicine, and Herbology. (I love to study!)

I re-located to Kansas City/Overland Park in 1996 and started Fitness Alliance, a private Personal Fitness Instruction Service to provide fitness instruction both in home, or my private studio located in South Overland Park. I have been in the fitness industry full time for sixteen years and honored to work with the clients I do, who entrust me with their health.

My education continued under Tom Purvis, the founder of RTS Resistance Training Specialist, which after three years of study, I attained Master Level status. RTS is the only certification process in the country which objectively investigates this thing we call exercise from a Physics and mechanics standpoint and how to apply/negotiate force effectively to the human body.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a therapy-based bodywork founded by Greg Roskopf in Denver. I enrolled in the second 10-month internship in 2001. This method identifies and treats muscular imbalances through biomechanical analysis for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I was faculty and continuing education provider for both RTS and MAT for three years and enjoyed sharing knowledge with other fitness professionals throughout the USA and Canada.

Other accreditations include Elite Personal Fitness Trainer by the International Association of Fitness Professionals, (IDEA) and certified by The American Council on Exercise since 1995. Other areas of specialization I enjoy are: senior exercise instruction, home-gym consultation/design and corporate lectures that educate the general public on the benefits of exercise and consistent eating habits to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.

In my spare time I enjoy long walks with my Dalmatian Marcello, studying wine as an Introductory Sommelier, working on my cars, and being an active member of the Ferrari and BMW Clubs of America. OH...and working on this website!

Fitness has always been a part of my life. Whether it was soccer games, riding bikes across the city with childhood friends, competing in cross-country and track, pick-up hockey games, or competitive badminton, (yes, it is a sport in most other counties other than the States), staying active was my obsession. Even during times when other 'hobbies' became prevalent during teen age and collegiate years I made time to exercise, play competitive sports, make pretty descent food choices, and take care of really, the most important thing that I own, my body.

During my time as a professional musician, playing for the likes of Andy Williams, Lou Rawls, Petula Clark, Ben Vereen, Vic Damone, and many others, I discovered the immense benefits of working out with weights, and how it improved the power and endurance demanded of a lead trumpet player. I took competitive pleasure in various sports such as squash, weekly 10K’s, and especially pushing myself to obtain the optimum frame my body could hold without the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Once a hobby, I turned my attention to fitness in 1995 and am still striving to really understand how the human body functions. Through study of its structure and functions, the properties and ramifications of this thing we call force, and exercise analysis through the study of Biomechanics, I truly am amazed and humbled each day as to the inner workings and outward production capabilities of this wonderful machine. Learning how to systematically identify, analyze, and rectify the injuries it incurs due to force has helped countless people I encounter each week and for that I am thankful to have been drawn to, and taught by, the right people and given the ability to do so.

Now, in my forties, I have a passion for what some may call nutrition, but I call responsible eating choices in biological accordance to promote life-long regeneration. Similar to force, there are inner workings and outward production capabilities of food. Each person’s body has the capability or limitation to absorb nutrients through the choices we make on a daily basis. This journey I have just begun, but my goal is to share what I learn, maybe discover a few things along the way not only to keep my machine running, but help others as well.

The crusade against poor food choices and lifestyles, pharmaceuticals and their peddlers, and corruption at the government level is my intention to raise awareness.The propagation of misinformation by mainstream conventional medicine and the mass media forms a popular opinion that masks superficial symptoms while totally negating and ignoring the causes of disease. This is a huge, huge area, but hopefully I can add my spec of sand to the pot in order to make things better and educate the public.


I guess the first thing you are asking yourself is who is this Bill Leavitt guy, why should I listen to him, is he qualified, and why should I change my entire lifestyle according to what he says.

Well, I will be the first to say that I do not know everything. But in the same respect I will say that I have chosen a path to learn what makes the body work efficiently, study from those who are a heck of a lot smarter than myself, create my own perspective on the information, and put into practice what works.

Rest assured, I'm not some new-age hippie with a bag of tricks, gimmicks, and potions, but instead believe there is a rational approach and scientific method to solving every health and fitness related problem our culture is currently experiencing.


A large part of what I dedicate my time to is dispelling the health, fitness, and nutrition myths that have been propagated for the past 50 years. Rather than information, or more accurately, misinformation that has made the general population more unhealthy and confused, I provide information based on fact and science. If it is my opinion, or a theory that has not yet been proven, I will make a point to say so.

Please enjoy the material, put into practice, and share what you come across, and feel free to shoot me an email should you have questions.
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