4 Great Breakfast Ideas

4 Great Breakfast Ideas
Breakfast is really important for a few reasons:
- You're usually in a hurry and bad food decisions can be made in haste.
- You might not eat again for another 6 or so hours, so you'd better get the tank full.
- Your body needs protein and fat to keep going, not cheap sugary carbs like bread and juice.
- After not eating since the night before, which could be up to 12 hrs, your body craves and needs quality nutrients to kick-start the day.
- Breakfast out just plain sucks. Even your healthy omelets are cooked in soybean oil, the fruit is either poor quality, old, or from a can, and the eggs are most likely the cheapest the restaurant can find.
So, have a plan of action...here are a few.

Eggs and Meat 
Nitrate free, non-hormone bacon, chicken or turkey sausage, and some free-range organic eggs.
Shake it Up! 
A blender is your best friend: chuck it in, whips it up better than you'll ever chew for maximum and easy absorption. Learn how to make a shake HERE and remember all protein powders are not created equal! Buy some Structure!
Some melted coconut oil, a few greens like kale, a sliced up chicken sausage, maybe some onion, quality eggs, and a little sliced avocado.
Meat & Juice to go 
I love chicken sausages and cook them up 8 or so at a time, in the fridge ready to heat up at a moments notice. A cup of green juice from Naked, Bolthouse Farms, or Odwalla all have not just unpasteurized fruit juice, but other goodies like spirulina, and vegetables tossed into the mix.