Ideal Workout Plan

Eating Right and Exercising Efficiently are two Priorities in achieving an optimal body. Plotting out an effective exercise plan of action involves variation and progressive challenge in activity type and effort. Performing the same exercises at the same effort yields minimal results. To perform to its maximum capabilities, lose weight, or get stronger and lean without injury, the body needs constant and renewed challenge.

Exercise should include ALL of the following on a 7 or 10 day rotation.

Resistance Training: twice in a 4 day period
- Incorporate integrated (total body exercises) with relative isolated exercises (single body part, joint, region). Example: squat & press / arm curl.
- Learn proper form by hiring a fitness professional
- Lift heavy, only what you can perform up to 15 repetitions and then increase the resistance.
- Never repeat the same workout

Long Duration Walking: twice in a 7 day period
- At minimum 1 hour
- pick a destination, say a coffee shop, 3 miles away

Sprinting: once every 7-10 days
- Maximum effort for 15-30 seconds (possibly 10-100 meter dashes)
- Always recover for 1 min after each sprint
- Under 20 min only
- Find a school track so you have measured distance
- Time yourself

Intervals: twice in a 6 day period

- Similar to Sprinting but slightly longer duration and lower effort
- Jump Rope, Stairs/bleachers, 400 meters instead of 100, leaping side to side or up and down, kettle bells total body movements like squatting-pressing or squatting and twisting.
- Utilize 'cardio' machines like the elliptical trainer, treadmill, cycle, or rowing machine for 3-4 min.
- Modify weight/resistance training exercises into higher reps with less weight.