Life is difficult. It is a journey with ups and downs, good and bad.

It can be fantastic one moment, horrible the next.

Family, job, bills, traffic, taxes, politics…

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Taking care of your body needn’t be another arduous task on your daily roll call.

Obtaining the body you want is more than exercise. It's more than just eating right.

It's a mindset...a lifestyle of constant maintenance and learning.

Armed with the right knowledge, tactics, tools, thought process,

and determination, it really isn’t as hard as you think.

My job is to simplify the process by supplying the information you need

 to get the body you want and keep it that way.

Here's How:


Eat Responsibly

Exercise Consistently, Efficiently, and Effectively

Sleep Well

Be as Active as Possible

Ignore Commonly Held Thoughts on Diet and Nutrition

Learn as Much as Possible

Share Love and Laugh Often

Share What You Learn With Others

Eat Responsibly

Your body is the most important thing you own. Without a healthy body, not much is possible. Obtaining and maintaining a healthy body requires two things:

1.  Appropriate eating habits

2. Consistent and correct exercise


Of the two, I rate eating habits as most important. You can exercise as much as you want and maybe even look thin, be happy as a puppy on a walk, but without proper fuel, your body is not really healthy.

Read: Eating Right


 Exercise Efficiently and Effectively

  • Explore accepted skeletal range of motion daily (move those joints!)
  • Be consistent and learn correct exercise
  • It's not about time, its about focus
  • Deep Breathing to maintain maximal lung capacity with diaphragmatic and abdominal cavity efficiency/coordination
  • Hire a qualified fitness professional
  • Train your whole body (not just what looks good in the mirror)
  • Do not limit exercise to the gym


Sleep Well

  • Early to bed…Early to rise. Something to be said for that.
  • Or as my Mom says: ‘Nothing good happens after dark!’
  • Go to bed knowing what’s on your plate for the next day and be prepared so you can get up early with a good attitude and figure out what’s on your agenda. I like to get a cup of green tea and take the dog for a walk.

Be as Active as Possible

  • Go for walks often or even better, get a dog!
  • Park at the back of the parking lot
  • Always look for ways to get up and get moving. I always watch my dog when he gets up from a nap. What’s the first thing he does? Reacquire his range of motion (yoga stretches), hassle me, and lets go for a walk

Ignore Commonly Held Thoughts on Eating and Nutrition

  • The government is certainly not a source of nutritional information
  • Neither are the dairy or wheat counsels
  • If your Doctor is overweight, tells you to take a pill for high cholesterol, tells you to go on a diet, or says whole grains, find a new one
  • Find and consult with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine NmD
  • If a nutritionist or dietician doesn’t have any basic knowledge of Biochemistry…run!
  • Diet Centers… phooey

Learn as Much as Possible

  •  Find hobbies outside of your work
  •  Master one subject and move on to the next
  • A healthy mind is a healthy body

Share Love and Laugh Often

  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Strive for a lifestyle that is happy, fun-filled, and stress free
  • Mental Acuity
  • Calmness

Share What You Learn With Others

  • The only way this information gets out there is if you take the initiative to talk about it
  • Spread the word and it shall be!
  • The truth always prevails