The Urban Caveman's 13 Priorities

These Priorities serve as a guide to achieve Optimal Health. They embody three areas: 1. Eating 2. Exercise 3. Mental Health. All three areas are essential in training to foster a body that is strong, lean, injury and disease free.

A Mentor once told me "Mastery is not a final level of achievement. It is a process of life-long learning that enhances awareness, perspective, and skill." How true it is; Optimal Health is indeed a Process, not a Protocol. There are no shortcuts.

As seen below, there are links to each of these Priorities where they are elaborated upon, and advice given on how to implement, incorporate, integrate, and achieve each and every one of them into your own life. The key, as with anything that is important to you is practice and continued rehearsal. This site is dedicated to giving you the Primal Tools to create your own strategy for success.