Ditching the Standard American Diet

Ditching the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)


The Standard American Diet consists primarily of 5 things: Grains, Grain-Fed Meat, Sugar, Vegetable Oils, Chemical-Preservatives-Artificial Colors/Flavors. These five groups occupy over 80% of people’s daily intake of food and are directly responsible for the current health epidemic we are currently experiencing. They combine to create an acidic, systemically inflamed, high insulin, and toxic environment within the body known as Metabolic Syndrome. Millions of people suffer from Obesity, Diabetes, Ulcers, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, Allergies, and Asthma thinking they are normal human conditions of society and ‘just part of aging’, but they are not. The first line of defense in any condition or disease is to accept that it might be lifestyle choices that are making you sick and begin by analyzing what you’re eating.


The Human Body functions and thrives on 6 foods: Wild meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts and seeds, healthy non-vegetable oils. No one can argue with this fact. It’s what we’ve been eating as a species for 2.5 million years and our Physiology, genetic code, and gene expression confirms it. Those who say that we have evolved to eat grains and dairy are ignoring the facts. Even sadder are recommendations coming from those people whose job it is to have your best health interests at heart.

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Some Facts About S.A.D.

* NOTE these are average numbers, some people eat twice, some people eat a quarter of these amounts


Of the average 2000 pounds of food people consume on a yearly basis:

- 630 pounds of dairy products: 21 gallons from milk, about 32# of cheese

- 31# of eggs

- Around 200# of Meat:  63# is beef, 73# of poultry, 47# pork, 16# fish/shellfish. This is twice the global average

- 197# of wheat and other cereal products, including 134.1 lbs. of wheat flour

- 160# pounds of sweeteners, including 42 pounds of hf corn syrup, 29 pounds of table sugar, 53 gallons of soda, the rest coming from things like candy, soda, junk food, even hidden in crackers, yogurt, ketchup, and peanut butter

- 56# of corn

- 415# of vegetables

- Fruit 273#

- 85# of fats and oil

- 3 billion pizzas (23#pp)

- 24# of ice cream

- 29# French fries

- 10 billion donuts

- 1 in 4 have fast food every day

- 18 gallons of coffee


There are 4 HUGE takeaways from these figures.

1. All carbohydrates get converted to glucose or blood sugar, and hit the bloodstream. This includes not just table sugar or HFCS, but all grains and starches and their derivatives such as bread, crackers, cereal, vegetables. The exception is Fruit where fructose is processed in the liver first. This is profound and eye-opening for many people when you consider wheat, vegetables, and fruit are all carbohydrates. Fructose from fruit in small amounts is not bad, but the 42# of HF corn syrup is. Excessive blood sugar and the resulting Insulin are the leading causes of metabolic syndrome diseases.

Fructose in the Liver can be converted to Triglycerides and packaged with cholesterol
. That's right, fruit can get converted to fat.

3. Vegetable oils, Canola oil, Salad oil, soybean, corn, cottonseed oils are highly inflammatory containing large amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids. They are in supposed ‘healthy’ salad dressings, meat and starches are fried in them, and added to all baked goods including bread.
Inflammatory foods cause swelling of arteries, damage to arteries and stuff gets stuck on 'em!

4. Cows are fed corn, which increases their fat content laden with pro-inflammatory Omega-6’s. You want your meat to be grass-fed, pastured, and organic.


Turning S.A.D. Around


Simple changes made on a daily basis have profound effects on overall health.


It’s what you do on a daily basis that counts


Meats: Strive for wild, natural, or grass-fed.

Oils: from wild fish (Omega-3), avocados, coconut, olive

Vegetables: eat more raw, blended lettuces (not just romaine) and strive for some organic

Fruit: small dense colorful berries, fruit like apples in season, not too much

Nuts: almond, pecan, macadamia, pumpkin,

Healthy Protein Powder for shakes: Read more HERE

Learn to prepare your own meals and limit eating out, esp. fast food.

Read more about the unhealthy side effects of and why you should not be eating grains.

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-Leavitt May 2013