Personal Fitness Instruction

Realizing each client is unique, I tailor my exercise instruction around a Philosophy instead of exercises and reps. These are some components I believe come together to form an efficient and effective exercise experience:

- Workouts with Purpose & Direction

- Proper execution of the exercise

- Progress Appropriately - Vary Often

- Recovery, Rest, Recuperation, Nutrition,

  Hydration, and Sleep are just as important as

  the workout itself

- Never perform the same workout twice

- It's not always about lifting heavy things

- Just because an exercise has been done for   

  years does not mean it is safe or effective

- Rotate your Tires

- Reverse the Motion

- Stabilize actively or passively

- Directional Mobility

- Spectrum of Speed

- Spectrum of Intensity

- Explore different modalities of Resistance

- Isolation vs Integration

- Hierarchy of the body: Nervous System first,

  THEN muscle, connective tissue, etc.

- Focus on muscle producing movement not reps

- Breathe Deep and exhale with force often

Consultation & Program Design

A popular service in person or via the internet for those who like to workout alone but want direction in their workouts. Contact once every couple of weeks to put a program together, go over what is working, what isn't, and new goals, adds purpose and ensures results. Focus is on creating a solid workout that you enjoy doing and yields results.

Exercises are strategically chosen, progressed appropriately, with emphasis on proper exercise mechanics. Beyond typical training, it is my goal to create a learning experience with discussion of not just 'what' you are doing but to understand the 'Why 'behind it.


Everyone gets injured once in a while and temporary setbacks are part of being active. Traditional therapy and rehabilitation fail us for a number of reasons but mainly because protocol rules over thought and specific needs of the client. Not everyone should be tugging on a theraband for rotator cuff issues and in fact, many diagnosed so-called 'rotator cuff' issues I have dealt with, the 'rotator cuff' was not the primary source of the problem. I prefer to look at pain and injury from a global perspective using an accurate assessment of the entire body to locate not only the symptoms but uncover the actual causes. Analysis from a mechanical and neurological perspective, implementation of Muscle Activation Techniques, dissipation of muscular protective mechanisms, and incorporating exercises that are progressed appropriately are the keys to getting back on track.

Eating Plans & Strategies

Making the right eating choices is essential to get the body that you want and critical to success. You can exercise constantly but if you do not know how to fuel your body properly, your results will be slow and limited.

Making shopping, meal preparation, and portability simple is what I specialize in. Putting together a plan of action of what to eat - when to eat- why you're eating it requires critical analysis of what you're currently ingesting and strategic, realistic planning of how to make it work for you.

From recipes, shopping lists, and supplement recommendations, I can solve or enhance your eating regiment.

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