When describing what a Paleo or Primal diet is about people say various things and challenges: 'You don't leave me anything to eat!' or 'I have to eat out a lot', even 'They say whole grains are good for you.' Sure, sometimes you are strapped for time, stuck in an airport, starving, ready to make a bad decision, but this page is dedicated to solving a few common eating dilemmas and situations to get and keep you on track to a lean body.


The Goal? Get rid of the cereal

- The Morning Shake...what could be easier? A blender, coconut milk, some fruit, and of course, your quality protein powder Structure. Easy, convenient, time-saving, portable, cost-effective, filling, craving cutter, and delicious.

- Eggs and Meat: scrambled, chicken sausage, bacon, and omelet, in-home or portable.

- Make enough for later in the morning.


The Goal? Dump the sandwich, burger, and wrap

- A good opportunity to eat some raw vegetables such as a salad with some grilled meat on top.

- Have the burrito without the flour tortilla.

- Have the wrap in lettuce instead of the flour tortilla.

- Grilled chicken and vegetables always works.

-  A bag of almonds, a healthy juice like Naked Green Machine can be found at most gas stations.

-  Swing into a grocery store's salad bar.

- Deli meat is disgusting, even if it claims to be natural. It is pre-formed left-overs with nitrates, and preservatives added to extend shelf life and add color. They have been directly linked to bladder, colon, and other cancers. Avoid them, no joke.


The Goal? Don't overeat

- It should not be your biggest meal of the day.

- No dessert.

- 6 ounces of meat at a restaurant is really quite a bit.

- Split an appetizer and entree with your dining partner.

-  Avoid the massive 'family-style' a-la-carte side items

- Try and save enough to take home for lunch the next day.

-Leavitt July 2012


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