Eggs are one of the most complete foods on the planet, period. And, despite what the government and your doctor try and tell you, the yolk has most of the beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Good for your skin, nerve tissue, connective tissue, brain, heart, and raging with Omega-3′s, choline, selenium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, sulfur, tryptophan, (good for your mood), and a complete amino acid profile, eggs are a true powerhouse of nutrition.

I'll eat eggs anytime of the day. In the morning scrambled in coconut oil or ghee, boiled, and of course omlettes. Eggs are also a prime ingredient in many other foods and recipes, such as mayonnaise, crustless quiche, salad dressings, and even shakes.

Organic, Free-Range, Omega-3, Pastured, Cage-Free...what's the difference?

As with many foods on the market today, most of these terms mean diddly squat. Organic can still mean cooped up with 1000 other chickens and doped up with steroids, Free-Range might be access to an 8 sq/ft patch of dirt outside that the chickens never venture to, and Cage-Free might well mean a massive metal shed with 10,000 chickens running loose. My best advice is to find eggs that come not too far from your home, local if you will, who mention the word Pastured. If allowed to eat worms, grubs, and insects, the Omega-3 content will be higher. A quick internet search usually yields farms that are close by who deliver into town once or twice a week.