Getting Started on Your Journey


The Human Body has pretty simple Eating and Exercise needs to function optimally. Yet in the past 60 years or so, we have complicated food and workouts to the point of confusing everyone and in the process created a public health epidemic. Opinion has taken over fact and science. I created this site to relay information that is otherwise not recognized in most circles. To share the science and dispel myths. Arming yourself with the proper information can help you lose weight, build muscle, eliminate common conditions, pain, and disease, gain more energy, acquire a lean body, and age gracefully. All this while making it extremely simple to implement into your daily routine.


I wake up every day thinking this is a great time to live in, right? Information at your fingertips, traveling around the globe is easy and big cities with lots of choices. BUT let’s face it, the human body inhabiting the earth at this time is in bleak shape. The world population is getting more unhealthy by the year, exercising less, heavier by the day, spending more time at their doctor’s office, and taking pharmaceuticals by the handful. It is a sad state of affairs. All of our advances in the last 150y and we are sicker than ever. Our increased ability to think, produce, create, and the dizzying array of products and choices available to us has pushed us further and further away from what our bodies are genetically and Biologically designed to eat.

The Same Body ... Confused

The human body's Physiology has changed very little in the past 2.5 million years yet since development of modern agriculture some 10,000 yrs ago, human health has been on the decline. In just the past 60 years, disease, obesity, and inactivity have skyrocketed. Why is that? The answer lies in food choices. I believe a person alone is ultimately responsible for his/her own health, yet the constant bombardment of companies advertising their foods devoid of any nutrients and even worse, actually harmful to human health, is criminal. Grains, sugars, dairy products, preservatives, and chemicals you can't pronounce, government agencies creating a pyramid of myths, and diet gurus peddling their wares of the month, all add up to confusion on who and what to believe.


The Urban Caveman is Stepping In

This site is about my determination to get the right information out there by sharing fact and exposing health and exercise myths that most people are unaware of. Stuff supposed 'experts' in their field refuse to share that can dramatically improve your health and change your life for the better. Although you may be resistant to some of the information initially such as giving up oatmeal and bread, and think grains are just fine, a quick read of the articles I have prepared on the subjects and examination of the facts, then most importantly how your body feels, operates, and looks once you do eliminate them from your diet will convince you otherwise.


My goal is to put you on a path toward ultimate health which sees you possessing a strong and active body which is resilient, all parts working, pain-free, happy, and most importantly, never to see the inside of a doctors office again!


Getting the most out of this website...

                                                     Getting what YOU want out of this website

The topics discussed and information provided are tools to equip you with strategies to make the right eating and exercise choices. Learning and putting into practice sound principles, instead of following a diet, a program, or counting calories, and looking at the scale everyday, enables you to lay the groundwork to obtain the body you want. I think the most important thing is not to try and change your entire lifestyle overnight. This is why all diets and workout programs eventually fail. Although a complete change is the ideal goal, in reality, it does not happen all at once. Overwhelming your body, and, more importantly, your mind, often leads to frustration and giving up. For example, read and apply the information on the detriments of bread and the benefits of sprinting one week, enjoy how your body feels, the changes you have made, and focus on next week's goals.


Questioning material that is new to you, or contradictory from what you’ve always thought or been told is natural. It's how we all learn the information a little bit better and create perspective. I encourage questions and if you have any, send me an email.


Once inside this site, the biggest question you are going to keep asking yourself again and again is:

'Why hasn't anyone ever told me this before?'

Without even attempting to answer that in less than a thousand words, all I will say is, keep reading though the site and it will become obvious...humans are comfortable in routine, resistant to change, and do not like to challenge conventional thought.

A Few Points

* You don't have to believe what I say, BUT  if you: have allergies, trouble building muscle, lack energy, can't shed those last 10 or 15 pounds, get sick a lot, are irritable and stressed, can't sleep through the night,  have joint pain, asthma, skin disorders, or digestive issues, there is information on this site that can and will help you.

* I make a point to base all information on science first and foremost and if it is my opinion, or there are still varying opinions out there on a topic, I will make a point to say so.

* The term paleo is not some underground movement or new diet. It is simply about looking back and discussing what tools: food-exercise kept us alive and in optimal health, versus us now: generally inactive, overweight, and in pain.

* Eating and Exercise are part of a larger picture, a vehicle if you will, to create and allow a lifestyle where more important things like enjoying time with your kids, grandkids, and friends, travel, and even walking your dog are fun...without pain, and looming thoughts about your health and weight are non-existent.

* Despite all the information you will come across on this site now and in the future, remember this, it is about one thing and one thing only: Optimal Health.

Plant a seed and hopefully it will grow.

Sow a new mentality and hope for change. (hey, is that from a Rush song?)

So, if you like what you read, pass it on.

Priorities gotta read 'em

Focusing, rehearsing, studying, and putting into practice these thirteen priorities is key to getting the body you want, looking and working exactly as it was designed.

Strong ~ Lean ~ Resilient & Pliable ~ Disease Free ~ Aging Gracefully


1. Eat Simple and Basic Foods

2. Exercise Consistently and Efficiently

3. Sleep Well

4. Surround Yourself With Good People

5. Breathe Deep and Expel Air With Force Often

6. Ignore Commonly Held Thoughts on Diet & Nutrition

7. Be as Active as Possible

8. Never Repeat the Same Workout

9. Free the Mind of Garbage

10. Prepare Your Own Meals

11. Get Away From Exercising on Man-Made Machines and Surfaces

12. Don't Look at Someone Else and Expect to Have the Same Body

13. Be Patient

These Priorities are discussed in detail HERE and also listed on the 'READ' page.

Again, thanks for finding The Urban Caveman.

Come back often, sign-up for the newsletter, and share this site with others, and good luck on your mission.

-Bill Leavitt