10 Ways To Give Wheat The Boot

Bread is a worldwide food staple. Here in the U.S.A. it hangs out in every meal: as a breakfast bagel, toast, or burrito, at lunch surrounding a hamburger, wrap, or sub sandwich, and at dinner laying in the bread casket…err, I mean basket. Arabs like it as Pita, English as scones, the Jewish as Matzo, Indians as Nan, and Asians, well they prefer rice. If you have not read my articles on Grains and Grain Rant part deux, I encourage you to do so. If you have, then you know that the list of detriments due to the over-consumption of carbohydrates leads to list of conditions and diseases longer than a prescription drug handout.

Anyway, here are ten great tips on how to give bread the boot and get off the carb-insulin-craving-rollercoaster for good.


1. Always include Protein & Fat in your breakfast.

A nutritious shake, eggs and chicken sausage, or an omelet.


2. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket only.

The middle aisles are full of canned goods, processed foods, cereal, soda, bread, and wheat products like pasta. Tempting and expensive, especially when you're hungry.


3. Order your burrito without the tortilla.

Chipotle does a great burrito bowl.


4. Cheese WITHOUT crackers.

Throw a few nuts or olives on the plate instead.


5. Stay away from Subway, Jimmy Johns, Quizno’s and the rest of the cheap bread shops.

Besides the huge roll, the meat they use is of horrible quality, preservative and nitrate laden.


6. If you do have to snack, make it nuts, jerky, or maybe a few squares of dark chocolate.


7. Whole wheat, whole grain, sprouted, stone-ground, or organic is no better for you.

In fact, whole wheat bread has a higher glycemic index than white bread.

The $5 fancy nut-filled organic sprouted bread still has WGA lectin.


8. Have tuna, chicken, or egg salad in a bowl, or use lettuce to wrap it in.

Tuna Salad Recipes HERE


9. Send the bread basket back


10. Do not buy sneaky bread snacks like pretzels, goldfish, biscotti, ‘nutrition' bars, or wheat thins. (wheat 'thins'...I love that!)

Even many breakfast cereals like Special K, Cheerio’s, and even Corn Flakes contain wheat. Funny how they target kids, isn’t it. Creating customers for life?