Gluten Free

Outstanding athletes like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are broadcasting the benefits of being Gluten Free eaters and definitely creating a buzz. Many actors, news personalities, and even the guy next door are following suit and reaping the benefits. Allergies disappear, no more cramping, bloating, fatigue, wrinkles, and arthritis all seem to be a thing of the past. No longer confined to those who have serious food allergies, Celiac disease and Crohn’s, everyday people are now discovering the benefits of eliminating wheat from their diet. Giving up bread products made from gluten-containing grains like wheat and rye is one step, a BIG step, but oats, corn, barley, and rice are also considered grains coming with their own host of problems. Although wheat is by far the worst offender, and the most often consumed, giving up ALL grains in favor of a meat, vegetable, and fruit diet is one key to a healthy body that functions flawlessly.


Substitute Teacher


Food manufacturers, faced an ever growing health conscious consumer, have found ways around the anti-gluten movement. The most often used tactic is to substitute corn, rice, and/or soy for wheat in order to tout ‘Gluten-Free’ on their packaging. Cereals, crackers, and pastas all have gluten-free slapped on their boxes making it appear that it is a healthier choice, when in reality, they are just substituting one really bad grain for a lesser, but equally nutritionally deficient, grain.


Other Substitutes find their way into typical wheat products bringing with them their starch and lectin content.


- Grain Legumes, such as beans and peas

- Soy, chickpeas, and lentils

- Psuedo-grains like Quinoa and Aramanth


What do I do? …There’s Nothing Left to Eat!


Since there is no reason to consume bread-wheat-gluten-grain products, finding ways to kick the typical western diet is the goal, and that can be challenging. This site is about arming you with the tactics to prepare foods simply and find foods when out-and-about that keep your body working well and taste good. A modern day Hunter-Gatherer always finds ways around what most food manufactures supply, restaurants prepare, and most people tend to eat.


- Read the article 10 Ways to Give Wheat the Boot

- There are restaurants on every corner that make a salad with grilled meat.

- No crackers with cheese

- Eat more protein and fat in every meal to avoid craving grains and starch.

- Use higher fat condiments such as olive oil and almond butter

- Ignore the friend who says ‘Fat makes you fat!’

- In an emergency nut and jerky are your friends

- Take pre-cooked chicken sausages to the office or golf course

- Even a pub or gas station has an all protein appetizer or snack

- Beer has gluten!

- Forget about sandwiches forever

- Forget about breakfast cereal in favor of a shake, omelet, or chicken sausage and eggs.