I must begin by repeating what I first said when I launched this site: I base all of my material on fact, science, research, experience with clients, experimentation on my own body, talking to people a lot smarter than myself, and common sense. If it is my opinion I make an attempt to say so. Even if there is no ‘cited reference’ at the bottom of an article that I write, know that the facts have been pursued and processed before my perspective and advice is given.


The Detriments of Grain are Fact, Not Opinion


Plain and Simple: If you want a body that is healthy, lean, and condition/disease-free, you gotta start by getting rid of grains. It is the first thing I mention to clients or even strangers who ask what they should do to begin a journey toward health. Grains are inflammatory for one. Inflammation is the leading cause of simple conditions such as acne and asthma or more serious, Crohn's and cancer. Consuming Grain related products on a daily basis is the most common and prevalent dietary fault, and the leading cause of gut stress, systemic inflammation, and prime contributor to the decline of overall human health. Corn, Oats, and Rice are also in the ‘Grain’ category, because they too contain Lectins, and we’ll take a peek at them too. It is estimated that over 65% of The Western Diet is grain-based, which leads to elevated blood glucose levels and eventual diseases like Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, and Fatty Liver Disease. (NAFLD) Eliminate grains them from your diet for just 9 days and watch what happens.


But These People Say…


- Your Doctor says they’re ok and have lots of essential fiber

- The Nutritionist quoted in People Magazine says they are an essential part of a healthy diet

- The Dietitian you saw for your weight loss says to eat oatmeal every morning

- The pumped up (bloated) muscle guy at the gym says protein bars are the way to go

- Your anorexic neighbor says the Special K diet is her key


Guess What?


They Are All Wrong! …and Here’s Why


Beyond the damage they cause to the gut, (see Grains are Unhealthy), grains contain Antinutrients, are incomplete foods and pretty much devoid of any nutrients. In white bread, the seeds from wheat are ground, stripped of nutrients, bleached, and synthetic vitamins added back in. 'Healthy' Whole Grain bread is actually worse due to the damage from its Lectins and Phytates.  The Glycemic Index of  Whole Wheat Bread is 71, White Bread, 67, and a Snickers Bar 41! Wheat products are no better than eating pure sugar. Fruits have twice the fiber of grains and vegetables have eight times the fiber.

What? Why would these people lie to me? They have 10 degrees on the wall, licenses, and a white lab coat.

These are the facts folks, it's your job to spread the news.


I Don’t Believe You Bill. I’ve Eaten Grains My Whole Life and Have No Issues.


Well, even if you think you have no issues, you probably do. An airborne allergy, food allergy, a digestive condition,

a little fat you can’t get rid of around the midsection, low energy, cravings. There is no denying the fact that grains get converted to glucose (sugar) and excess sugar swimming around your bloodstream causes a host of problems to eventual Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's, and Cancer. And, the 35% obesity rate in the U.S.A. is directly linked to the 65% grain consumption.

Read The Book Wheat Belly by: William Davis, MD

This book goes into the explicit history of wheat, and the ramifications, detriments, conditions, and diseases caused by eating them.


But You Don’t Leave Me Anything To Eat


Without writing a hundred different ways to eat the recommended Paleo-Primal Menu of Meats-Vegetables-Fruits-Eggs-Oils-Nuts…

-         Tuna Salad without bread is just fine

-         A Morning Shake, nutritious and filling, is far better than a bowl of grains, sugar, and milk

-         Almost every restaurant in the country has a mixed green salad they can add some type of grilled meat to for a healthy lunch.

-         An afternoon piece of wild game jerky or handful of walnuts makes a nice afternoon snack

-         There are a thousand different combinations of grilled meat and roasted vegetables for dinner.

-     Check out the Recipes page


Where’s Your Research?

A simple search of factual material via the internet, or if you don't trust that for whatever reason, any entry level physiology text will yield what I am saying. Conflicting opinions or recommendations do not always relay fact.

For example:
Grains are almost entirely carbohydrate, which gets converted to glucose, which raises Insulin levels in the blood. This is fact. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucose
Digestion: Grains contain Gluten, Lectins, and Phytates, all of which wreak havoc on the digestive tract.

Then, there’s research, usually in the form of a study where the underlying results are pre-determined to justify an agenda, otherwise known as 'evidence-based findings.'

"Sadly, this evidence-based medicine founded on data paid for by a corporation or branch of government is subject to the influence of many biases." -Jack Kruse

In addition, most studies have many variables to control, that aren’t controlled, namely eating habits, which make much of it’s outcome rendered useless. The results are meant and often swayed to confirm what is desired. Ask yourself, who funded the 'research'? This is not to say that there are beneficial drugs, but many, MANY, drugs on the market today are meant to treat conditions that are easily controlled though proper and responsible eating habits.


The Wrong Information...Is it a Conspiracy?


The majority of the medical profession, government bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, and diet centers are ignoring the facts. They still believe grains are healthy and whole-grain foods are essential in the human diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. The business of sick people is, well, big business! Disease management is a much more profitable venture than health care and lifestyle adaptation.

As mentioned throughout this site, grains were not around until 10,000 yrs or so ago and neither were many of the conditions we now face. Skeletons, 100's of thousands of years old, millions of yrs in some cases, are dug up with full bone density and no cavities. So, I’m not even going to say it’s lack of knowledge on their part, because the information is out there and readily available. The fact is, the majority of med school programs are not even meeting the required 25 hrs of nutrition education and many instructing less than 6 hours. YET, over 120 hours of pharmacology is taught. Minimal hours to learn about the addressing the cause, 120 hrs to learn about treating the symptom. Seems backward, right?




And, to make matters worse, the nutrition material covered is the same old whole-grain, high-fiber, low-fat, antiquated garbage from 60 years ago! Prescribing a drug is a heck of a lot easier than telling someone they have to change the way that they eat. People, including doctors, are naturally resistant to change and the fact is grains are cheap, super easy to grow, transport, store, and fabricate into thousands of different foods. Almost everybody, including me, and doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians, grew up eating cereal with milk and sugar on top, just like their parents and grandparents. So, why change a good thing, eh?


The Brainwashing Starts Young!


The Wonder Bread truck, Trix, Captain Crunch, and Ronald McDonald, are an army in the campaign to convince children how fun and tasty bread and cereal are. Have you looked at the ingredients in a box of ‘fun’ cereal? For that matter, even this type of applesauce, directed toward kids’ lunch packs, the second ingredient is sugar! The best story about a commercially prepared meal such as McDonald's is written by Michael Pollan in The Omnivores Dilemma: http://michaelpollan.com/books/the-omnivores-dilemma/

In a nutshell, bread is made from the seeds of a grass that has been, ground, stripped of nutrients, bleached, sugared, and synthetic vitamins added. Not Healthy and a shame to get people into thinking it is.


Are Rice, Corn, and Oatmeal Any Better than Wheat?

All three contain Antinutrients like Lectins and Phytates but are typically less offensive than Wheat. Gluten is nasty stuff folks.


Rice (the most consumed grain)

It’s pretty much nutrient deficient being mostly pure starch, and it does have the antinutrient phytate called Phytin in rice, but on the harmful ‘Grain Spectrum’ it is at the low end. Infrequent consumption is probably not all that bad, especially if combined with a large dose of protein. The funny thing is that most people thing brown rice is better for them but the Phytates hang out in the bran, husk, and hull, which are removed when it is processed to make white rice.


Corn (second most)

High in sugar, carbs, and phytic acid, not much protein, and usually genetically modified.



Although having a pretty impressive nutrient profile, a high protein content, high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, Oats are very high in phytic acid and contain it’s own type of Gluten called Avenin. Oats take a lot of processing (steel cut to rolled to instant) to make them edible, and being so plain and bland it takes a lot of work, usually in the form of sugar, to make them edible. Claimed to lower cholesterol by the AHA, the reason being it’s Beta-Glucan gets the gall bladder to dump its cholesterol-containing bile into digestion. Another example of treating the symptom of cholesterol instead of the cause.

More on Grains HERE


If you’ve visited this site before, or are familiar with the Paleo and Primal Lifestyle, then you know meals are drawn from three primary sources: Meats, Vegetables, and Fruits, with eggs, oils, and nuts tossed in frequently. Grains, Beans/Legumes, Dairy, Starch, and Refined Sugars, are all avoided.


It’s been a while since I vented on grains but it’s usually the first topic to come up when somebody asks me: ‘What’s this Paleo thing all about anyway?’, and the most often consumed damaging food. Plus, they’re just so darn fun to pick on! So, here’s some new stuff, some old stuff reiterated, and general facts about the problems with grain.

Grain Rant ... part deux