Terri's Antioxidant Knockout Juice

Have you ever said to yourself  “when will life slow down?”  It seems our daily routines just keep getting busier and more complicated.  All this stress has a multitude of detrimental effects on our body and a major one is oxidative stress that produces free radicals.  A free radical is “a short-lived form of a compound that has an unpaired electron, causing it to seek an electron from another compound.  Free radicals are strong oxidizing agents and can be very destructive to electron-dense cell components, such as the DNA and cell membranes.”1So, what does this mean? These little free radicals are like bullets in our body. They are fast and they do not stop creating damage until they are contained. The damage caused by free radicals in our bodies have thought to contribute to several diseases such as cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, impaired immune function and cognitive decline, so it would make sense to try and neutralize them. Antioxidants give up an electron to free radicals, which will neutralize them. Making sure your diet is rich in antioxidants is a good start. High amounts of Antioxidants are found in Vitamin C, E, A (beta-carotene), copper, zinc and manganese.  Why not start your days loaded with antioxidants through a simple juice?  One serving of 8 ounces contains approximately 50% of your Daily Recommended Intake of Vitamin A and 87% of Vitamin C. 




1 whole lemon

2 apples (fuji recommended)

5-6 stalks of kale

5-6 stems of celery

1-2 inches of fresh ginger

Stevia to taste


Wash all your produce and simply add to your juicer.  There is no need to peel or de-seed any of your ingredients.  Makes approximately 2 cups.  You can not drink too much so enjoy.


1. Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition 8thedition, Moe, Gaile, Berning, Jacueline, Beshgetoor, Donna, Byrd-Bredbenner, Carol, 2009.