Increasing Energy

Everyone knows that lack of sleep, thanksgiving dinner at your grandmas house, and James Taylor songs make you tired, but what can you do to increase energy or not deplete energy. Red Bull and 5 hour energy you know aren't good for you, so here are a few tips to boost your energy and get 'er done!

Get quality sleep.
It is a fact that getting to be early, like not too many hours after the sun goes down, is good for you. The body regenerates all night and important things like hormones are re-manufactured around 2am. Preparing for slumber is also important by getting the lights low, shutting the tv off, and note eating late. Read more about sleep HERE

Make sure you have protein and fat for breakfast.
The biggest mistake most people do is eating carbs for breakfast. Cereal, bread, and juice are almost entirely sugar and lead to a morning crash. Eating meat, omelets, eggs, or a shake with a quality protein powder, is the way to go.

Take a nap
Most people will say that they don't have time for a nap, but closing your eyes, shutting off your phone, and if finding someplace dark and quiet for 10-30 minutes isn't as impossible as you think. Reboot the system!

Drink water
Dehydration is another cause of afternoon fatigue. 

Exercise in the morning
That way there are no excuses to get it done in the evening and your furnace is fired up for the day.

Get up and move
If you have an office job you know how much sitting sucks. Take a few minutes to get up, grab a quick walk outside if you can, and move your limbs.

Deep breathing I discussed HERE but realize oxygenating your body benefits every cell.

Avoid sugary snacks 
Soda, concentrated fruit stuffs like raisins, dehydrated fruit, most 'health' bars, are a sugar crash roller coaster waiting to happen.

Do intervals in your workout
High intensity exercises like sprints, squats, lunges, jump rope, stairs, etc really drive a lot of oxygen into the system.
Jogging is really not a s good as you thought, read about it HERE

Avoid a ton of alcohol
 Like a glass of wine as much as the next guy, but overdoing it right until the point of bedtime sets you up for disruptive sleep through altered brain wave patterns, dehydration, poor digestion, and a crappy next day.

-Leavitt Aug 2012