Priority #1

Eat Simple and Basic Foods

Eating Right isn’t a habit but a skill. And, just like any skill, it starts with learning the basics. Learning what foods the body thrives on and allows it to function optimally is what the majority of this site is about, but the next step in acquiring this skill is having some type of structure with your food purchasing and preparation. Purchasing basic food staples packed with nutrients to create simple meals is the key to making meal prep a no brainer. Setting aside a few minutes to prepare meals while employing a bit of creativity really isn’t a big deal with a little planning. Many tend to complicate the eating process by saying: ‘I’m too busy to cook,’ ‘I don’t have time to shop,’ and ‘I hate to wash dishes.’ But taking the time to buy food and prepare food have to become priorities in your life if obtaining the body you want is important to you.



Followers of the Paleo selection of foods: Meat-Vegetables-Fruits-Eggs-Nuts-Oils, means keeping your food selection within these parameters to train and keep your body functioning optimally. From preparation in the mouth and the tongue, to the stomach, into the small intestine and subsequent shipping to organs like the liver and pancreas, the body likes to know what to expect without any surprises to disrupt the efficiency of their functions. Training your body chemistry is just as important as training the mind. They do work together.


Eating out or Takeout should not be routine

Although eating out or takeout is much more convenient, it is expensive and you don’t really know what is going into your food. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I like eating out to be a special occasion…one where one of those ‘non-Paleo’ foods I rarely eat, like pasta, may sneak on my plate!


Meal Plans, Diets, and Calorie counting do not work

Although they fill books with 60 pages of information that looks awesome from the onset, following complex diets with every meal mapped out, and recipes with 20 ingredients, as we all know, lasts about two weeks, tops. Learning which foods are good for you and which to avoid and then figuring out the ones you actually like should come first. Portions are key and ensuring your plate, bowl, or cup contains Protein, Complex Carbohydrate (in the form of vegetable or fruit), and Fat is a must.



That just reminded me of a scene in Forrest Gump: ‘steamed shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp…’


How many different ways can you prepare beef, chicken, or seafood?

A few tricks: One, always buy the same basic foods, but prepare them in different guises to keep it healthy, simple, and interesting. Two, choose a meat of the week and a couple of vegetables of the week to play with. That way the shopping cart isn’t overloaded and nothing ends up rotting. Three, think about what meat you want, then the flavor or spice, then add whatever vegetables you want to complete it.



Hit the 'EAT' page for an ever growing list of tasty meals.



Talk about quick, easy, and packed with nutrients. Try a little frozen fruit, coconut milk, some type of green juice, a couple of teaspoons of oil, and two scoops of protein powder. Bam! A full meal, easily portable, great nutrient ratios, easy to digest, and just 2 minutes to make.


The Four-Day Chicken

I love roast chicken, the meat, the drippings, the skin, all of it! Try and source a farm near you who raises pastured, organic, free-range chickens.

A Roasted Chicken, cooked in my NuWave Oven, (I love this thing…the only infomercial product I have ever bought!), provides enough meat for 4 meals: Chicken with veggies one night, on top of a salad for lunch the next day, sautéed into a curry dish the next night’s dinner, then boil the bones, peel off the remaining meat, and you have broth to add some veggies and you have a nice soup or stew.


Eating Basic is Economical… AND Healthy

The packaged stuff in the colorful boxes is loaded with preservatives, chemicals, and additives, to make it have shelf life and fool your taste buds. Chemicals and packaging cost money. Not only are these things costly, they are doing nothing for your health. How much do you think the liquid inside a little can of tow dollar Red Bull is actually worth? I have a rule: if it has more than three ingredients in it, or things I can’t pronounce, I really don’t need it.


Eating Simply Makes Shopping a Snap

I don’t know about you but I want to get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible. There are better things to do. Buying the same simple and basic staples is always a no brainer.

My list is usually: Coconut milk, eggs, green juice of some (Naked Green Machine, Bolthouse, Odwalla), green vegetables, leafy lettuce-type greens, walnuts, avocado, garlic, chicken sausages, olive and coconut oil.


Order Your Meat

I order the majority of my wild fish.

Wild Alaskan Salmon:

Chickens: As mentioned above, do a search for a local farm.

Grass Fed Beef: same as above.



You may have heard that rule: shop the perimeter of the store only, and that holds true for the most part. Although, I do like to hit the spice aisle once in a while. My rule is that if it comes in a box or can, 99% of the time, I don’t need it.