Priority #10

Prepare Your Own Meals

The Urban Caveman likes to cook, cook fast, make it easy, use minimal ingredients, and keep it healthy. You hear it every day: ‘I don’t cook’, ‘I hate to cook’, ‘It’s tough to cook for one person.’ Phooey! Getting food together does not have to be a daunting task, can be as quick as you want, and gets easier with practice, PLUS preparing your own meals is really important for the following reasons:


  • It’s the key element to obtaining responsible eating habits
  • You have control of what goes into a meal
  • Proper food {fuel} is essential to a healthy body
  • You learn portion control
  • Restaurants use inferior ingredients masked with spice and sauce
  • You save a ton of money
  • Leftovers are like a meal pass
  • Less time to eat and do more important things
  • Good for the mind
  • Teaches you what to look for when you do eat out




Plan ahead

Take a few minutes to map out some meals, jot down a shopping list, and set-aside time to hit the grocery store. Thaw meat in the fridge the day before and checking to see if you have the right stuff around.


Take multiple trips to the grocery store each week

Most cultures of the world go to the market daily. Most Americans and Canadians, once a week. Shopping in spurts saves time, prevents food from spoiling, and gives you ideas for meals.


Make it quick

The more you practice, the more efficient you’ll get at whipping something up with minimal ingredients.


Forget the recipes

Part of the fun in cooking is creating something new. Hey, even if it doesn’t taste great you’ll probably eat it and learn something for next time. Grab meat, slice it up, sauté it, and add some veggies, some spice and bam, a full meal in 8 minutes.


Make enough for the next day

A caveman must! Cooking plenty to put some in container for later checks one meal off for the next day. Leftovers are a meal hall pass!


The Right Mindset

I like to have a 90/10 rule. 90% of the time eat for fuel and 10% for enjoyment. Meals out are pure enjoyment and something to look forward to. Eat out all the time and it becomes less enjoyable. One more reason to prepare and eat at home.


 Make it fun

Many entertaining nights can be found in the kitchen. A bottle of wine, some good conversation, a couple of snacks laid out while you cook make for a fulfilling evening.


Think snacks and small portions

Not all meals have to be loads of food. A little left over chicken, reheated, sliced, spiced, can be thrown over a bed of greens with a little olive oil.


It doesn’t always have to be hot

There is nothing wrong with having tuna or chicken salad for dinner.


Top Quick Meals

- A couple of chicken breasts chopped up and any vegetable can become a quick, easy, and healthy stir-fry. Use coconut oil.

- Tuna salad can have any sauce, vegetable, or even fruit in it you can imagine.

- A smoothie can be changed out daily with different varieties of fruit, milks, and juices.

- Broiled fish and steamed veggies

- Roast Chicken and steamed veggies

- Sautéed shrimp with sliced green onions and peas.

- Eggs and chicken sausage

- Meat jerky, nuts, and an apple


Stuff to keep around

Spices you like

Frozen meats

Frozen vegetables

A selection of oils


Stuff to keep out of your grocery cart

Chips, salted snacks, desserts, soda, canned anything except fish, soup, salad dressing, dairy (but that’s a Paleo given).