Priority #12

Don't Look At Others And Expect

To Have The Same Body

Things you can pretty much be certain of:


- The fellow on the cover of the fitness magazine, has been airbrushed, over-supplemented (legal or otherwise), tanned, oiled, teeth bleached, and dehydrated.

- The guy in the Bowflex commercial did not solely use that piece of equipment to get the body he is displaying.

- The lady in the infomercial with the perfect butt almost certainly has, or never will, use the tone ‘n tighten machine she is advertising.

- ‘I lost 39# in just 30 days!’ is not realistic or lasting.

- Your bank account will run out buying Nutrisystem meals before you get the results they are advertising.

- The Victoria’s Secret model is 5’11”, you are not.


Knowing and accepting that these commercial eye-candy, body real estate empires are in the business of selling and not helping is your best tactic at dismissing garbage and staying on track. Learning to wade through the multitude of health-diet-fitness falsities that are out there is a major aim of this website and part of your journey in acquiring the right information. Some of these products, like the Bowflex, are indeed worthy of purchase, if you learn how to use and implement it effectively, but as the saying goes: ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’


Realistic expectations for your health and body is definitely a priority because hoping and wishing for something that is not with your grasp pollutes the mind and steers you off course.

Making real changes that last starts with charting a course you know is feasible, armed with the right knowledge, and the dedication to persevere through the ups and downs your body takes throughout life.


The Good News

The body you have is a well-equipped machine meant to run on quality fuel, be disease free, and be lean for a lifetime. The right outlook, a positive attitude, and the right information will guide your journey to succeed in your goals. The mirror you look into is yours to create.


Bum Steer

More physical and mental harm has been done to people who enter the health and fitness arena wanting to make real and positive changes in their life by those claiming to guide, advise, and motivate. False promises pervade the industry by diet companies, fitness magazines, equipment manufacturers, and so-called fitness professionals knowing nothing about the body sciences, exercise mechanics, and sound equipment construction.


No Time Limits

Getting your body to look and function the way you envision it takes time, a lot of time. I won’t beat around the bush on this. It takes years. Even if you have less than 20# to lose, 15% bodyfat % to diminish, or want 18# more of lean muscle, it takes years for the body to accept the change you are imposing upon it. Positive habits have to be engrained physically and mentally. Creating change within the body is FAR more than exercise, (as these 13 Priorities exemplify), and the number on the scale is not indicative of positive results as so many people get trapped into thinking. The level of commitment to stay on track on a daily basis and utilizing the right information are key.


Fitness Competitions Have Nothing To Do With Fitness

Do not think for a minute that the people who are involved in these so-called fitness competitions are the pinnacle of health the world has to offer. This is a hobby, not a sport, and membership is gained mostly through the gift of great genetics.

I belong to a large fitness center where many of these extremists [Over]-train, and I watch 'pre-competition', as the water weight comes off, (through use of diuretics), the bulk increases, (through synthetic supplementation), and the tanned skin shows up, (through chemical body staining). And the end product? To stand on a stage all oiled up in colorful underwear to be graded subjectively by how big or lean they are. Quite embarrassing, really.

Besides my utter disdain for this hobby,  the real issue taken is the damage inflicted by these synthetic supplements to human physiology, hormone production, and general organ function. It is horrific. Injuries are sure to follow due to over-training and not implementing proper progression, variation tactics, and neglecting rest/recovery/regenerative factors. Artificial enhancement for the purpose of show is not part of the Urban Caveman’s role call.