Priority #6

One of the three main goals of this site is to dispel myth. Diet, Nutrition, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Exercise myths. The Diet Industry alone is a monster raking in $60 billion a year. And, as you’ve heard me say already, people are heavier, unhealthier, over-medicated, and more confused than ever. Who do you believe? What do you believe?


The Diet and Nutrition Center Merry-Go-Round

These ‘health’ businesses are cloaked in manly guises, but the themes of false promises and downright bad information remain constant: ‘Lose Weight’ ‘Gain Muscle’ ‘Low Carb’ ‘Low Fat’.

You know their names so I don’t have to mention them. How convenient! … Pre-packaged, sometimes frozen, always portioned, food delivered to your door. Their aim is to sell the same foods either stripped of fat but loaded with sugar, or stripped of sugar and replaced with chemical sweeteners, preservatives, emulsifiers, and flavors. In all cases, the same nutritionally deficient, grain-laden garbage. Listen, anyone can lose weight ingesting less calories, but the dependence eventually wears off. Either mentally or financially, you are back right where you started. Diets are not the answer. Gaining control of your health and weight is learning what to eat rather than being dependent on others and it begins with knowing what to eat and how to prepare it.


The Medical Establishment

Why has our society placed doctors on such a high pedestal? Is it the 8+ years of institutionalized higher education? The facts are that the average doctor is required to take only 6 hours of nutrition classes but 120 of pharmacology. Doctors are certainly necessary, in emergency situations, but our culture has now sees them as a routine part of life … like taking out the trash. Their job is to solve problems, diagnose the symptoms, without regard for the cause. The statistic is that 90% of diseases can be eradicated through proper eating and lifestyle choices yet the medical community still prescribes drugs that have a host of side effects, rather than discuss a lifestyle change that can rectify the patient’s dilemma.

Top Actions the Caveman takes issue with:

  • Over prescribing of antibiotics
  • Statin drug therapy
  • Misguided and inaccurate food recommendations
  • Therapy and rehabilitation techniques that have not changed in 30 yrs


Read These People

I have read many books on Paleo, Ancestral Diet, and eating in Biological Accordance, in the past year, but these 5 stand out. They offer the truth and a non-biased agenda, all state nothing that is new, but reiterate what has always been successful and right: sound eating and exercise habits.


Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution

Mark Sisson: The Primal Blueprint & The Primal Connection

Loren Cordain: The Paleo Diet & The Paleo Answer

Gary Taubes: Good Calories - Bad Calories & Why We Get Fat

Michael Pollan: The Omnivores Dilemma

William Davis: Wheat Belly

Nora Gedgaudaus: Primal Body Primal Mind


Understand Product Labels

These terms have little meaning:

Low Fat ~ Low Carb ~ Zero Trans Fat ~ Only 55 Calories ~ Sugar Free ~ Whole Grain

~ (and even) Organic

These terms are used to sell products and offer false hope. Most substitute chemicals that alter your body’s chemistry and confuse major organs such as the liver. Others simply swap out the fat for sugar, while some barely meet regulation when it comes to the legal definition of the word. Just as in people, If a product has announce how good it is, there’s probably a problem. Eat as close to a food’s source as possible and if it has more than a few ingredients, don’t buy it.

There will be an entire article dedicated to labels soon.


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Bombardment of commercials and even dedicated reality television shows prey on human nature and offer artificial results. The only results that last are the ones you have chosen to understand and implement for success.


Ignore Commonly Held Thoughts

On Eating & Nutrition