Priority #7

Optimal health requires constant movement while awake. Being Active aids in transporting oxygen, and the quality nutrients you ingest, around the body, depositing them where they are needed, and removing toxins and waste. Finding ways to keep things moving is sometimes a chore in a busy world but essential for bodily function, absorption, elimination, caloric expenditure, and decrease in stored bodyfat.

 You’ve heard the ‘park at the back of the parking lot’ thing and the ‘take a walk after dinner’ thing so I won’t bore you. But, below some original (well maybe not original, but ones I like), ideas to stay more active.


The Active Mindset

Thinking about ways and wanting to be more active is half the battle. Finding simple and enjoyable activities that are beneficial to the body apart from your regular workout routine will not only prevent you from burning out but add something different to your mission. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain, throwing in a couple of 20m spurts of exercise each day will definitely improve the results you are looking for.


Take a Break From Office Work

Sitting behind the computer, and the horrific posture associated with it, has a profound effect on skeletal structure. Positions you place your body in become habitual and eventually skeletal. Getting up, walking, reaching, and swinging, every hour or so can help combat the detriments work has forced on our posture.

Also, many people have found ways to perform their work without imposing bad posture using different seating devices or computer screens that can elevate so you can stand.


Wash Your Car Instead of Using the Carwash

I decided this years ago after seeing the same clothes that clean wheels being used on the paint. The scratches left behind were a definite indicator not to go back. Washing, drying, spry wax, and the twice yearly waxing are a heck of a workout!

Griots Garage and Zaino Brothers make excellent car care products.


Dogs Make Great Workout Partners

The one mammal I can always count on to get my butt out of bed or away from the computer is my furry roommate. Always eager to get going somewhere he’ll gladly go for 5m or an hour.


Make a Walk a Form of Exercise

Finding routes with hills, grass, trails, and stairs turns the leisurely stroll into a challenging workout.


Take the Stairs

At your doctor’s office, hotel, parking garage, leave the elevator for the long trips, the people that really need it, and the truly lazy.


Join a Recreational League

Softball, squash, racquetball, curling, badminton, (yes, those two are sports), golf, and bowling leagues get you out, moving and socializing. Just try not to head to the bar for 4 nightcaps afterward.



If you’re not used to it, pulling weeds, landscaping, mowing the lawn, and planting are hard work.


The Body Does Not Take a Vacation

Some of my best workouts are on vacation. No schedule and different workout environments make for a great change up. Although some claim a vacation is entirely for letting loose and relaxing, remember, the body doesn’t take a break.



I have been known to break a sweat vacuuming and dusting.


Be As Active As Possible