Priority #9

Priorities for optimal health are both physical and mental. It is impossible to achieve goals with negative thoughts cluttering the mind. Thinking positive, eliminating stress, clearing the air with someone you are in disagreement with, avoiding anger, and continual rehearsal of the direction you want to go is exercise for the mind.

Sort of similar to Priority #4: ‘Surround Yourself With Good People’ because it affects mental environment, Freeing Your Mind of Garbage is its own Priority due to the fact that thought is both conscious and subconscious. Even when you’re not thinking about something consciously, your mind is. Subconscious thought is said to occupy 90% of mental energy. That may or may not be true, but the fact is negative clutter can hamper the results you are looking for and be detriment to overall health.


Ask any successful person at their craft and most will say the same thing: ‘I saw myself where I wanted to be in five years and set a course to get there.’

Doing the research, creating the tools to get there, making connections with like-minded people, daily dedication, learning from your mistakes, and being patient is what it takes.


In other words: Knowledge - Dedication - Take Your Lumps - Patience


So how does this tie into living Paleo or Primal?

Getting the body you want does take eating right, exercising effectively, and dispelling myth, BUT to achieve overall health and complete the picture, it takes the right mental environment of being positive, focused on your purpose/direction, learning and applying the right information, while creating your own perspective to make it work for you. There is no room for negativity because it is the biggest reason most people fail or give up on changing their lifestyle. To aid in your success, the information provided on this site is about arming you with tactics to succeed and empowering your mind to realize that it is possible and simple to make changes in your life that will allow you to get the body you want. No everyday diet, meal plans, counting calories and exercise routines where you just go through the motions and end up learning nothing, The Urban Caveman message is about learning.


Don’t Go Overboard … Think Happy Thoughts

So, being positive, driven, and focused is one thing, but not so focused that you go around to the other side and are stressed about actually getting the results. There is so much to say for enjoying the journey and being patient. Mastery of anything takes time. Being a happy person, patting yourself on the back occasionally, and enjoying the way your body feels, looks, and works as you improve creates an aura of success to match the physical work you are putting in.


Ways To Empty The Recycle Bin

  • Talk to people who have succeeded and find out how they did it.
  • If results sound to good to be true they probably are. So, ignore it.
  • Don’t let other people get you down.
  • Patience.
  • Tell your friends and family what you goals are and tell them you need their support
  • If the scale does not go down immediately or stalls for a while, do not give up.




The Diet Industry

These creeps have helped very few people, that’s why they’re still in business. Most often, they show pictures of how much weight people have lost in 30 days without regard for how they really got there. Anyone can starve themselves temporarily and lose weight and caloric restriction has become commonplace in our culture but it’s obviously not working. Unless people are educated on what to eat, how to eat, and why they are eating it, a life of merry-go-round yo-yo dieting is the result. 


The Exercise Equipment Industry

These other creeps use ultra fit, tanned, shaven, oiled, models to sell a piece of equipment that is almost guaranteed to either fall apart or be used as a clothes racks. Learn the right way to exercise and what effective tools to use by hiring a qualified fitness professional.


The Magazine Industry

Most of these publications are filled with exercises and tips that promote false promises and lack any science at all behind the movements they suggest. Tighten and Tone are buzzwords without meaning. The same information is regurgitated monthly in different guise. Learn proper exercise mechanics from someone in the industry who has studied the human body and can back up what they say with science.


The Common Disruptors

I can almost guarantee one of these seven sayings/responses from people when they first ask what Paleo is about:

- I can’t give up bread

- I am fat and will always be fat

- I like dairy too much

- My doctor says I need blood pressure and cholesterol medication

- I hate going to the gym

- Diseases are genetic

- You don’t leave anything for me to eat


These are all excuses, and just information perpetuated by commonly held tradition. A look at the facts of Living Primal leaves little to disagree with.


The Power of Thinking Positive


Neil Hansen, a good friend of mine is the creator of The Thought Diet. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Free The Mind Of Garbage