10 Significant Habits of Highly

Successful Hunter Gatherers


From his new book entitled The Paleo Connection, Mark Sisson compiles 10 significant Habits of Highly Successful Hunter Gatherers, or a set of evolutionary tools to create perspective. Too often, we get caught over-thinking, over-exercising, over-analyzing, overacting, self-criticize, and judge others we hardly know. Add to that all of the noise, constant digital bombardment, traffic, stress of modern life, and we are off course as our human instincts intend. This modern mess distorts our own realities and takes us off course in what is really important and essential in life. “These cognitive abilities can become intellectual and emotional traps.” And, ultimately, all of this self-chatter “diminishes the experience of the present moment, and keeps us from giving focus and energy to what can genuinely serve our health and fulfillment.”

Taking charge of what is important and dismissing the junk, really is the key to enriching one’s life and perspective.
I have summarized one portion of the book, but really, a good purchase. Click the image to the left for more info.

NOTE: The asterix following each habit is a one-sentence summary of my own thoughts. Enjoy!

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Take Responsibility

Acknowledge life’s realities as well as its cruelties

Own your life, your problems, and outcomes

No excuses or blame

Accept the situation

Do not stew in self-pity for the sake of ongoing bitterness

React rationally instead of responding emotionally

*Own up and learn from mistakes


Be Selfish

Be as generous with yourself as you are with others

Determine decisions before acting

Help yourself before others

*Confidence in yourself, decisions, and the action it takes to get it done


Build a Tribe

A close-knit pack

Form solid, mutually supportive relationships

Mutuality forged in action

Surround yourself only with people who you can count on anytime for anything, anywhere

Only people who bring trust and respect to the table

Bring genuine interest to the table, ask questions, and make eye contact

* Only surround yourself with those who would give and support you as much as you do them


Be Present

Eliminate chronic distractions and behavior

Abandon enslavement to diversion

Dismiss psychological burden that disconnect you from the world and erode your psyche

Give the moment full attention

Connect with your inner self, others, and life around you

*Pause often to appreciate the beauty of life


Be Curious

Eager, question everything, be creative, act on impulse, use imagination, attract challenge, explore, discover, learn.

*Practice the art of learning and growing from what you do not know


Trust Your Gut

Instinct, Insight, Perspective

*Act on your developed ethics and morals


Pick Your Battles

Lead with priorities and assess the risk/benefit

Respect the full humanity of other people and the unpredictability of life itself

Let experience and reflection throughout life teach you.

*Understand where the other person may be coming from


Get Over It

By forgiving and repairing relationships, you are in a better position to glean the benefits of cooperation

Festering negative emotions erode the community

Take responsibility; choose to live in integrity with yourself and others.

Every day you let another person, or past mistake control your well being, is a day you miss living fully.

Determination -  Optimism – No Excuses

*Life is too short to bear grudges. Everybody has a bad day.


Sharpen Your Spear

Developing yourself in satisfying diverse ways that will help you experience success.

Genius does not stem from the tunnel vision of specialization but from the innovative visualization of creative, unexpected connections.

Simply having a whole host of skills can expand not only your self-sufficiency, but your sense of personal identity, competency, and resiliency.

*Practice the art of Mastery


Be Affluent

Live in Gratitude by acknowledging and appreciating life’s gifts

Gratitude gives meaning and richness to your life

Be appreciative of the lessons and journeys of your past (good and bad) for no particular reason or caveat

Nourish and exercise the body and mind, cherish and respect your spouse, love your dog, keep your home clean and orderly, encourage your children

See the beauty in simple things: a good red wine, a partner’s intimate touch, a post workout calm, a great nights sleep.

Abundance only comes to people who appreciate the small gifts, humble blessings, and the basics.

Open yourself to receive more.

When you practice an attitude of gratitude, you appreciate what you have, not envy what you lack.

*Positive thought and the law of attraction