Top 5 Health Lies

It makes no sense in this day and age of science, and the means we have to share the science, (the internet), that basic facts about human nutrition are ignored. It is infuriating. The diet and nutrition industries are still handing out information that is outdated, and at this point, proven blatantly wrong. The consequences are a disaster to human health as the increase in pharmaceuticals, doctor visits, surgeries, and overweight humans will attest to. Even more pathetic is that the needs of the human body are really, really simple. We have complicated food and hijacked our human chemistry in the process. It makes sense that food companies have a lot of people to feed, and making it cheap, easy to transport, and a long shelf life is their deal, while making a profit, is their priority. Understood. But to have ‘supposed’ authorities such as the FDA, American Heart Association, and even your local Dietician or Nutritionist shell out millions of dollars on ‘health’ campaigns which ignore, and violate, basic information about the human body, is criminal.


Lie #1: Eat Whole Grains

There is nothing good about grain. Think about it: we are growing grass and grinding its seeds into flour, adding a bit of water and yeast and voila, bread. Without yeast, tortillas.

Three Big problems with wheat:

1) It is the biggest contributor to excess carbohydrate consumption. And, carbohydrate consumption is out of control. What most people don’t realize is that all carbohydrates get converted to sugar once inside the body. The process of breaking down bread, pasta, rice, and pop tarts in the small intestine, ends up dumping glucose in your blood. Insulin released from the pancreas stores it or the body burns what it can as fuel, but the amounts of blood sugar humans have circulating cannot be dealt with and this is where the disaster begins. 

2) It Hampers Digestion. Gluten and other stuff like Zonulin basically puncture the barrier between intestine and bloodstream allowing unwanted material in. Sort of like a bad bouncer at a night club.

3) It promotes Inflammation one inside the body. Water retention, bloating, and even more serious conditions such as Crohn’s, Celiac, Allergies, Acne, and Asthma can all be traced back to wheat.


Lie #2: Got Milk?

Humans, and other mammals, have no need for milk after being weaned as a baby. Fact is, the enzyme Lactase which breaks down the Lactose in milk disappears after the weaning period, thus the problems people have with it. Milk from another species: cow, goat, or other, is better on the raw end of things, but pasteurization, homogenization, and the growth hormones and pharmaceuticals dairy farmers have to give cows to supply demand is hideous. Hiring athletes and actors to promote milk consumption via a mustache is true brainwashing. Read more on DAIRY


Lie #3: Low Fat

Seeking out good sources of fat is essential for health. The stigma is ‘Fat makes you fat’ has driven people to eat more refined carbohydrates and sugars and chemicals that have really made us fat. Beyond fats essential component in the manufacturing of hormones, bile, and the brain, it is our preferred source of fuel. Also, eating good fat prevents cravings and making a bad decision. Read more HERE


Lie #4: Eat Beef

Just to clarify, Beef or any other red meat, is not bad for you. Commercially grain-fed cow is bad for you. Cows herded into massive feedlots, then fed corn to fatten them quickly, get sick and fat, are pumped full of synthetic hormones and other pharmaceuticals. This makes for bad meat laden with pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids. Cows are meant to eat grass, not grain.


Lie #5: Heart Healthy

General Mills and their cereal boxes or oatmeal canisters plastered with this slogan should be ashamed. Grains, beyond the bad stuff mentioned above, have the precarious ability to inflame your arteries from the inside allowing stuff in the bloodstream to get stuck on them. Blockage, or more technically known as Atherosclerosis is a bad thing.