Weight Loss Tips ... the short list


These are just a few tips I'd offer if you ran into me on the street and asked for 30 sec of advice. Obviously there is way more to managing and obtaining your optimal leanness, but these tips, along with the Urban Caveman's 13 Priorities, if rehearsed daily, and stored in the memory bank, are a start.

1.  Make sure your breakfast has protein and fat in it.
A meal with all carbohydrate burns off quick, you get cravings, you make a bad eating decision.

2. Throw away your scale.
Be conscious of how your clothes fit, your face looks, instead of persecuting yourself daily on a platform with numbers. Give yourself at least six weeks if
you want to check your weight. Just because your skinny jeans are a little tight one day is no cause for panic. Patience!

3. The 80/20 rule.
Strive for eating perfect 80% of the time, 20% of the time, have something you know ain't so good. That way you won't go bonkers and give up. Give up one 'bad' food a week.

4. Fact: Fat does not make you fat or cause heart disease
Good fats are the bodies preferred source of fuel whereas excess carbohydrates lead to countless diseases.

5. Be active each day but don't workout hard each day.
Change it up. Heading to the gym for an hour every day is a bad habit. Get outside, walk, sprint or hike.

6. Give up and find alternatives to grains, starches, and beans.

7. Get to bed earlier ... Get up earlier.
Sleep, regeneration, and manufacturing hormones are really important.

9. Eating really is 90% of it....not Exercise.

10. Park at the back of the parking lot, take the stairs, and stop at a park for a brisk walk.

11. Jogging is not the answer.
There is more and more information, science, and research pointing to the fact that human beings are not endurance animals. Extended 'cardio' causes inflammation in both joints and blood. We are sprinters and walkers.

12.  Have a positive attitude and be determined to succeed.

13. Diets do not work, if they did, why do new ones keep coming out every week?