"In fact, the incredible financial bonanza that the proliferation of wheat in the American diet has created for the food and drug industries can make you wonder if this 'perfect storm' was somehow man-made. Did a group of powerful men convene a secret Howard Hughesian meeting in 1955, map out a an evil plan to to mass-produce high-yield, low-cost, dwarf wheat, engineer the release of government-sanctioned advice to eat 'healthy whole grains', lead the charge of corporate Big Food to sell hundreds of billions of dollars worth of processed wheat products - all leading to obesity and the 'need' for billions of dollars of drug treatments for diabetes, heart disease, and all the other health consequences of obesity? It sounds ridiculous, but in s sense that's exactly what happened."

"Just as the tobacco industry created and sustained its market with the addictive properties of cigarettes, so does wheat in the diet make for a helpless, hungry consumer. From the perspective of the seller of food products, wheat is a perfect processed food ingredient: The more you eat, the more you want. The situation for the food industry has been made even better by the glowing endorsements provided by the US government urging Americans to eat more 'Healthy' whole grains."


Quotes from the book: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD


"The brain is highly sensitive to the wide variety of substances that gain entry to the blood, some of which can provoke undesirable effects should they cross into your amyglada, hippo-campus, cerebral cortex, or other brain structure. Once having gained entry into the brain, wheat polypeptides bind to the brain's morphine receptor, the very same receptor to which opiate drugs bind."


"Wheat flour, cornstarch, high-fructose corn syrup, sucrose, and food coloring are now the main ingredients of products that fill the interior aisles of any modern supermarket."


The acidic pH from wheat consumption pulls calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate from bone to maintain the correct body pH of 7.4. The acidic environment also stimulates bone-reabsorbing cells within bones known as osteoclasts, to work harder and faster to dissolve bone tissue to release the precious calcium."

"Because of wheat's incredible capacity to send blood sugar levels straight up, initiate the glucose-insulin roller-coaster ride that drives appetite, generate addictive brain-active exorphins, and grow visceral fat, it is the one essential food to eliminate in a serious effort to prevent, reduce, or eliminate diabetes."