Which Path Do You Choose?


Grains, processed foods, sugary drinks, stimulants, excessive alcohol

Eat out all of the time

Infrequent exercise

Stress, anger, complaining, impatience, worry

Watch TV until late, up during the night, wake late, poor sleep

Sleep in and rush to work

No water but coffee and sugary juice

Food on the go, cheap refined carbohydrate-laden snacks, fast food

No exercise

Sit on the phone and behind a computer all day

Doctors appointment for one or more: stress, weight gain, depression, weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, insomnia, asthma, IBS.

Prescriptions and Pharmaceuticals

Side effects from prescriptions and pharmaceuticals

More doctors appointments

Lost work and wages

Hospitals and surgeries

More pharmaceuticals


More side effects

Trauma: stroke, heart attack, infections, cancer

Bed ridden

Organ failure





Simple and Whole Foods

Learning and enjoying cooking

Consistent and Varied Exercise

Time to decompress, breathe, and live in gratitude

Wake early, move, and prepare the body for the day

A good breakfast focusing on protein, fat, and a little healthy carbohydrates

Hydration: water, teas, fresh juices

Plan meals and snacks

Plan or perform some sort of exercise

Connect with friends, family, and colleagues

Work and be productive

Walk in the park and check out the nature around you

Shop for food and prepare dinner

Enjoy a show, a laugh, being with loved ones

Read, learn, create perspective

Wind down and prepare for a restful sleep

Remanufacture hormones, regenerate the body, fine tune mental acuity and focus all while sleeping

Wake refreshed to begin anew

Your Health is in Your Hands!