Why Thin Isn't Fit


Thin has always been in. Magazines sales, idolization of models, diet centers, ‘skinny’ jeans, and sales of scales all scream ‘You have to lose weight!’ Here’s the thing though: thin does not translate to healthy.Look around in any fitness center and you’re likely to see a sea of [mostly] women, thin women, chained to their favorite ‘cardio’ machine. Take them off that machine and you’re likely to see an emaciated figure with horrific posture. Terrified to death of weights because they’re sure to put a pound or two of muscle on and increase the daily weigh-in, these [mostly] women would rather drive themselves bananas over a number on a scale than have a nicely proportioned, confident, strong, and lean body. 


Men too. Marathon runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, all distance athletes claiming to be super fit due to the duration of punishment they can inflict on their bodies. Fact is, these ultra-long cardio endeavors are really promoters of two things: Arthritis and Systemic Inflammation. Read THIS. They are not, repeat not, markers of fitness.


So, rather than thin, think lean.


Lean Is:

- An ideal proportion of lean tissue to fat tissue; otherwise known as % bodyfat. 10%-15% is ideal for a female.

- Realizing that % bodyfat is a far more important and accurate measure of ‘Fit’ than weight.

- Realizing that muscle weighs three times that of fat in the same amount of space.

- Performing 3-4 efficient and effective resistance training workouts per week.

- Eating full meals of protein, fat, and vegetables. Fat does not make you fat. Read THIS

- Eliminating grains from the diet that cause water retention, bloating, and insufficient digestion. The real cause of weight gain!

- Performing Intervals of 30-60 seconds rather than 30-60 minutes

- Planning meals ahead of time so cravings and bad choices don’t set in.


So, the next time you see Miss Cardio Queen chained to the stairclimber, or your neighbor gloating about the marathon he just finished, know that responsible eating and consistent effective resistance training are the ways to go. Your body will thank you, and you look a heck of a lot better.

I usually do two hours of Cardio, and then four more of Cardio, and then two more of Cardio.