Why Yogurt Is Garbage

Sugar, plus Sugar, plus Sugar. Yogurt is advertised and recommended by doctors and other 'health' providers, as a great source of calcium, for growing kids, women with osteoporosis, as a 'slimming down' aid, and for digestive health, but the facts are:

1. It's loaded with sugar. Milk has sugar (galactose), fruit has sugar (fructose) and then there's the added sugar, (many times it's high fructose corn syrup). Look at the sugar content in this Chobani yogurt label: 19gm! Sugar is sugar folks.! Just because it's in fruit or disguised as cane sugar does not make it healthier. Read more on the detriments of sugar HERE


2. Calcium loss, or resulting osteoporosis, is due to an overly acidic diet usually from eating excessive grains. The kidneys pull calcium and other electrolytes in (mostly from your bones), to neutralize the acidic environment. The problem is that these leftover electrolytes can form kidney stones! Taking in calcium is treating a symptom, not a cause.


3. As far as Digestive Health, you are better off with a quality probiotic, and, avoiding gut irritating foods such as grains, dairy, and refined sugars. Read THIS

4. Labeling it as 'Low Fat', displaying fresh and colorful fruits, and slapping fun cartoons on the packaging to entice kids, is even more deceptive.


“Wasting your money on fortified processed food (food should never require “fortification”) and its obscene packaging and advertising campaign is silly. Those probiotic-enhanced sugary yogurts are stripped of their natural bacteria via pasteurization. Even the “natural” full-fat yogurts, however delicious they are and whatever other benefits they confer, are usually pasteurized with probiotic cultures added afterward. There’s nothing magical about Yoplait or Dannon” -Mark Sisson